When we train our dogs, we want them to want to work with us. When we train them just when it fits into our schedule but isn’t an optimum training time for them, this can create resistance to training. We want to train them when they want to work with us too. If you dog is showing “disinterest” in training sometimes it is not the food we are using, it could be a number of differnt things like: they just ate, they are tired, they don’t feel well, they want to play, they are distracted, etc. We want to assess their interest in our session. We also want to be in a good space ourselves when we are working with our dogs. The optimum training environment is one where you and your dog can offer focus for and with each other. Where both of you want to be there and are engaged in the moment. If you don’t find that is happening, managing a behavior may be best until you are both able to work together. Realizing that faking it until we make it isn’t easy to get past our pups!  Signs your pup may be “disinterested” may be avoiding eye contact or turning away, scratching and shaking off, walking away, ignoring cues and sniffing away. When you begin to even ask the question, does my pup want to train right now?, you will become more aware of the signals that they do or do not.