The purpose of the name game is to teach the dog that when they hear the “name” it means – look at me, give me your attention. We teach this game as most companion dog owners will say the dog’s name before cueing a behavior. So if we are going to say “Cali, sit” we want “cali” to mean look at me I am about to ask you to do something” and then the cue sit. It also allows us to establish a rapport with our pets and expectations for engagement in training.How we do it: Say your dog’s name “Cali” and as she/he orients to you, mark the turn of the head or look at you with a “yes” and offer a small treat. Do this several times a day short tiny sessions marking every look at you with a “yes” and treating every time. You can use pup’s kibble in doors (recommend leaving some of their meals aside for training everyday). The mark is very important…if i only say a name and dog comes to me and i treat…the dog doesn’t realize what i actually want is for you to give me you attention not to walk or sit…the mark is a snapshot of exactly the behavior i want! Butt on floor in a sit…yes, name and look at me, yes, move to touch my hand, yes! Always mark the exact time the behavior happens, then offer a treat after!