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Treating your pets as you would treat them is our number one priority.  By choosing My Pet Nanny you are entrusting us with your fur babies and your home while you are away.  We see this as an incredible responsibilty and one that we do not take lightly.  We are very selective with the Nannies we bring into My Pet Nanny and continually monitor all aspects of our time with your pets and home when you choose our services.

We are incredibly honored you would consider us and continue to use us.

Thank you

Deb Norris ~

Owner/Operator of MPN

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My Pet Nanny LLC,

My Pet Nanny University

I began My Pet Nanny LLC shortly after moving to Florida from Maine.  I grew up in Northern California and was raised with a variety of animals in our home.  We had dogs, cats, fish, turtles, hamsters, and I raised and showed sheep, rabbits, and pigs in 4H.   Our family currently enjoys the company of  Chai, a toy poodle.  I am a  CSAT (Certified Ceparation Anxiety Trainer), graduate of the  Malena DeMartini program and a graduate with distinction from The Victoria Stilwell Academy of Dog Training and Behavior.  I am also the owner of My Pet Nanny University.  My desire is that we exceed our client’s expectations and surprise them with excellence!   I am also a mother to our 18 year old son, Ryan, and wife of 28 years to my wonderful husband, Rob Norris.”  Welcome to MPN and MPNU…we are so glad you are here.


I moved to Tampa from Newfoundland, Canada, with my husband who was chasing the dream…..of never having to shovel snow again!  We bought our Grand Hampton home in 2013 and have thoroughly enjoyed living here.  The big black and white in my arms is our 14 year old cat, Oreo, who also has very well adjusted to living the Florida lifestyle on our patio.  Back in Canada are my son Evan, and daughter Melissa with her hubby Brian and two grand-cats. Though we are a single cat family, mostly because Oreo doesn’t play well with others, I always had a dog growing up.  I am so happy to join the MPN team and look forward to taking care of your precious furry family members!



My husband and I moved to Lutz, FL in February of 2016 from Chicago.  I worked as a public accountant for an accounting firm in Chicago for 21 years.  I also raised four children, 3 dogs (2 of which were rescues), several rescue cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, snakes, and my oldest daughter may have secretly even adopted a few mice and orphaned squirrels along the way.  I am the proud Grandma of four fur grand puppies, Cinnamon and Midnight, Emmitt and Raja!  I grew up in a home that was known for pet rescue.  My Mother brought in and accepted all animals, domestic and wild that were brought to our door. My experiences were very rewarding.  I look forward to sharing my love for all animals in a well organized and safe environment such as My Pet Nanny LLC!



Melissa Meeker and Deb met while volunteering together at their children’s high school!  Melissa shares her story: “I was born and raised in the Tampa/St. Pete area and enjoy the Florida sunshine year round. I’ve always had dogs and hamsters growing up. My husband and I are blessed with two amazing daughters, plus our rescue dog, Sadie, and guniea pig, Honey! My friends and neighbors have relied on me over the years to take care of their pets. Furry friends always have a special place in their families. I am so excited to join MPN and ready to care for all of your pets!” We are elated to have Nanny Melissa join the My Pet Nanny family! 



Linda shares her story:  “My husband and I have lived in the Tampa Bay Area on and off for the past several years. We have been married for 44 years and have two children, Jason our son who lives in North Carolina, and Shannon our daughter who lives here in town with her husband Andy and our precious grand child Kaylee. We also are happy to say we have our newest sweet girl Lucy who is a schnauzer mix. We have always been dog parents, but do enjoy being around other different animals. I am very excited to be working with Deb and the other nanny’s to ensure your precious pets are well taken care of.  I first met Deb several years ago when we lived in Grand Hampton and I became a client of hers. She and her nanny’s have always taken great care of our pups when we have traveled, and I look forward to taking care of your pets with the same loving care that you are used to from Deb and the nanny’s.”



Rob and Deb have been married for 28 years.  Rob has extensive experience with dogs and cats and shares Deb’s passion for pets and their care.  Rob has cared for a variety of animals and has experience with driving cattle.   Rob assists with pet visits and petsitting as well as enjoying the pets that board in the Norris’ home.  “Manny Rob” is a huge support to the My Pet Nanny operations.  Rob also works for an industry leading Veterinary Diagnostic Company  which has a huge impact on the Veterinarian industry.



Katie shares her story: “I was born and raised as a second generation Tampa Native. I can’t see myself living anywhere else but the Sunshine State! My whole life I have had pets like birds, hamsters, fish and many dogs. I currently have two mini schnauzer brothers, Gordon and Henry. When I am not walking and visiting with your pets, I am teaching first grade in Hillsborough County”. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do i become a My Pet Nanny Client ?

So you have found us and are excited to begin!  Getting established is easy.  Just contact Deb Norris at 207-653-5532 by phone or text.  Indicate your service address need and we will determine if we cover your area.  Text us your email address and we will send you a link to our My Pet Nanny forms.  Three forms need completion taking approximately 10-15 min.  Text us times your are available for your free Meet and Greet.  We will come out and meet with you to determine if our services meet your needs and your pets can be offered care.  Upon successfully completing the Meet and Greet, we will establish your account and email you a log in.  Voila…you are in the family!

What are the fees for My Pet Nanny LLC Services ?

Our fees are based on your pet needs and the services required to provide for those needs.  Typical fees are:

Pet Visits – a daily visit ranges from $15.00 – 20.00 a visit depending on length of visit, number of pets, distance from sitters. A location charge is applied when the distance exceeds our normal coverage area.

Puppy Day Care – $25.00 – $35.00 a day depending on breed and house training. Puppy Day Care clients must have flea and tick prevention started. This service is for puppies 1 year and younger and is offered between 10 am and 3 pm. 
Overnight Care/Pet Sitting – usually based on the number of visits needed to allow for proper feeding and eliminating routine and based on weekday, weekend or holiday schedule.  Determined based on location, travel time, time needed to provide proper care.  Range from $45.00 – $60.00 a day.  Partial days are not prorated.

Vet or Groomer visits – (within 10 miles of Grand Hampton) $15.00.   My Pet Nanny LLC offers visits with Noah’s Mobile Vet, Grooming by Diane, and other groomers and vets!  This service may include Pet Taxi which may be a separate fee.

Doggie Play Date or Park visit – $20.00 – $30.00 depending on pet.  Aggressive or poorly socialized dogs cannot be taken to off leash parks!

Professional Training services are also available.  Owner/Operator, Deb Norris, is offering a variety of customizable training plans.  Deb is a Graduate with Distinction of The Victoria Stilwell Training Academy. This positive, force free training approach allows the pet guardian and pet to maintain a positive bond while setting expectations for good manners and proper boundaries.

Any services not listed here can be assessed and a fee determined accordingly.

Client’s will have an online account and be asked to request visits via their account as well as maintain their account information and keep it updated including Vaccination information and home setting changes.

Fees are subject to change based on individual petcare needs.

What is My Pet Nanny University ?

MPNU or My Pet Nanny University is the training branch of My Pet Nanny LLC.  Training Clients will be offered an initial phone consultation and then enroll in MPNU for the course offering that best meets their training need.  Course offerings will include:

P.E.T. – Puppy Etiquette training!  Let’s learn our manners!  Puppies need guidance and direction to live in our homes and with their human families.  This 4-6 week training program will educate puppies on the basic and include preparation for the AKC Star Puppy Test.  Individual Training offerings as well as group classes will also be offered.

What types of pets do you offer services for ?

My Pet Nanny LLC will provide pet visits for most pets as long as the pet and premises do not pose a threat or hazard to our service providers.  We do not offer pet care visits to poisonous pets, arachnids, or aggressive pets.  Dogs with a Dog Bite history may be offered services upon review of said incident by Deb Norris.  Failure to disclose animal aggression either provoked or unprovoked is grounds for contract termination.  My Pet Nanny LLC has experience with a variety of pets including dogs, cats, horses, lizards, birds, marsupials, hedgehogs, pigs, rabbits, even rescued squirrels!  

What if my pet becomes ill or injured while I am away ?

Your pet’s health and safety are our number one concern at My Pet Nanny LLC.  If your pet shows signs of illness, My Pet Nanny LLC nannies will confer with Deb Norris to determine the severity and will call and/or text the client to ascertain options for treatment.  Should a MPN Nanny deem the illness is an emergency or an injury requires immediate attention, MPN Nannies will call you while making arrangements to get to your vet or the nearest vet care provider.  A Client Assessment is done at the beginning of services and indicates basic health information and an Urgent Vet Care release form is also done and kept available by My Pet Nanny LLC.  All efforts will be made to reach the pet owner(s) prior to obtaining Vet Care services, but should the pet’s needs outweigh the ability to reach an owner, My Pet Nanny LLC will seek medical assistance.  All expenses for vet care, transportation, and time at the vet, are the responsibility of the owner.  My Pet Nanny LLC will seek to ensure the safety and health of your pet(s) while in our care.  My Pet Nanny LLC can also not care for animals who are in treatment of a contagious illness.  Should your pet be diagnosed with such an illness and My Pet Nanny LLC is not notified, any resulting consequences in terms of illness or spread of such disease may result in charges to said client.

How do I know how my pet is doing when under My Pet Nanny LLC's care ?

My Pet Nanny LLC offers pet visit “journal” entries under the Precise Petcare scheduling site.  Your account will be updated with you visit and a journal entry made by your sitter.  We also utilize a GPS walk map showing the duration and location of your dog’s walk.  Text messages may be sent where email is not available.  We strive to keep pet owners/home owners up to date on their pet/home activity.  During busy holiday/summer schedules, messages/entries may be made less frequently but will occur daily.  We also have options for sending information via an application when client’s cannot access email or text messages do to service limitations with carriers.

How long do visits last and what occurs ?

TOTAL CARE PET CARE is our goal and knowing that pets like consistency, we try to make visits at the same time for our regular or daily clients.  A pet visit or potty break may last for 15-20 minutes or more depending on your pet and for dogs the goal is elimination and stretch time.  An exercise visit or “walk” may take between 20-30 minutes or more depending on your pet and consists of a quicker pace walk as well as elimination time.  All pet visits usually have fresh water, time to drink or eat if crated, physical affection, treat and collection and disposal of waste.  MPN Nannies also bring in packages if left for delivery, check thermostats if home feels overly hot or cold, check on crates and clean if necessary.  Other services are available on request including collection of trash cans, mail, watering of plants, rotation of lights or blinds, doors are left locked and if home is alarmed, alarm is reset. 

Why do you recommend in my home pet care ?

Pets, like children, enjoy structure and consistency.  Many do not do well in a strange environment nor do they like extended periods of time without their family members.  Most pets have the same emotional responses as people when they feel unsafe or unloved.  Fear, flight or fight, separation anxiety all occur in dogs and cats.  Exposure to pets who are not vaccinated against diseases like kennel cough, distemper, rabies, Canine Influenza, and other pet illnesses can occur when kenneled.  Other illnesses can be passed to humans through their pets and this is completely avoidable with in-home pet care.  We utilize proper sanitation between client visits with the use of hand sanitizers and maintain our own pets regular vaccination and vet care visit schedules.  In-home pet care offers the additional bonus of your home not being completely vacant in your absence giving some additional peace of mind when your are gone.  Through years of experience and observation of pets who have been kenneled versus stayed in their home, the happiest and most relaxed pets have been those whose environment is not changed when family members are away.

What areas do you provide services to ?

We are located in New Tampa, in the Grand Hampton subdivision.  Currently the majority of our clients reside here.  We offer scheduled pet sitting and training consultation services to areas our nannies travel frequently including the Lutz area, and neighborhoods like, Cheval, Villa Rosa, Heritage Harbor, Avila, and Stonebriar. These areas are covered in conjunction with the Hillsborough County Schools in-session schedule and mostly on weekdays.  Our services are focused within a 10 mile radius of our location and preference is given to those clients when scheduling pet visits.  Services extend to neighboring communities like Meadow Point, Seven Oaks, Willow Bend, Northwood, Colonial Grand at Hampton Preserve, The Lakes, and Terra Bella, The Sanctuary, and Wellington Manor. Locations outside of our service area are considered based on our availability and the services needed.  Services outside of the Grand Hampton subdivision are charged a location charge.

Training clients coverage area differs and is based on Deb Norris’ schedule.  Individual client training will be offered throughout the Tampa Bay area.  Fees will be determined based on training needs.

How will I know you my sitter (Nanny) is ?

Owner/Operator, Deb Norris, conducts all meet and greets and a primary Nanny is assigned based on the pet’s needs (i.e. medical issues, reactive issues, location, age, etc).  A secondary Nanny will also be assigned on your client account when the Primary Nanny is either unavailable or not scheduled to work.  All My Pet Nanny LLC Nannies are trained and observed by Deb Norris to provide the same caliber and expertise that our client’s expect and deserve!  You can also learn about our Nannies/Manny on this site under the “Our staff” page.  The client journal will specify which nanny has visited your pet.  If there are questions or concerns regarding a visit a post can be made on that journal.  Owner/Operator Deb Norris periodically reviews the client journals of the MPN nannies. All nannies are Pet CPR and First Aid trained and bonded and insured with My Pet Nanny LLC.  Should a client request a certain nanny and that nanny is not available, visits will be declined.  My Pet Nanny LLC attempts to maintain continuity of care with pets and nannies and match each according to skill and ability and the pet needs. Nannies are cross trained between clients to ensure continuity of care when nannies are not available.

How do I know i can trust My Pet Nanny LLC with my pet/home ?

The best compliment a company can receive is a referral from their clients and other professionals in their field.  We have been offering these services in the Tampa Bay area since 2008.  My clients and other professionals in my field have provided testimonials regarding our services.  Any member of our team is an experienced professional or is under the supervision of Owner/Operator, Deb Norris.  MPN wants you to feel completely at ease and know that your peace of mind, and your pet family members are of utmost importance to us.  We come to love your fur babies like our own!  MPN nannies are also licensed, bonded, and insured, and pet CPR and First Aid trained.  

Are references available for My Pet Nanny LLC ?

My Pet Nanny LLC has many happy clients who have shared their experiences both on our facebook page and on this site.  Click on the Testimonials page and see what they are saying or visit  My Pet Nanny LLC cannot provide client information to potential clients out of respect for our current MPN clients privacy.  Should you require references, My Pet Nanny LLC may determine if a current client is willing to provide that reference but this will be at that client’s discretion.

Do you allow last minute requests ?

We pride ourselves in saying “YES” more than “NO”.  A last minute request is a visit request made within the same 24 hours.  When the schedule is tight and a last minute request comes in, a determination is made as to whether the need can be met, and does not interfere with services already contracted.  A $5.00 surcharge may be charged for same day requests that are “fit in”.  Last minute requests cannot be accommodated during holidays, or during spring break.  Client’s who consistently request services last minute may be asked to plan schedules ahead of time by the MPN staff.  It is solely at the discretion of My Pet Nanny LLC as to whether a last minute request can be accommodated.  We ask that you not contact Nannies directly to provide a service last minute.

What is the best way to schedule my pet services ?

Scheduling occurs online in the Precise Pet Care scheduling system. Once a new client is established with My Pet Nanny LLC, they have an account login and can request services online.  Online scheduling may be blocked during high utilization and then client’s may text owner/operator, Deb Norris.  My Pet Nanny requests visits be scheduled a minimum of 1 day in advance to ensure a visit can be made.  Last minute scheduling will try to be accommodated when an urgent need arises, however, cannot be guaranteed.  All clients MUST text MPN when they leave and are returning!  Failure to text consistently may be cause for cancellation of your My Pet Nanny LLC contract for services.  Clients are ultimately responsible to ensure their petcare services are scheduled and confirmed prior to leaving their pets alone. Should petcare services be scheduled incorrectly and a client not TEXT that they are leaving, any issues arising from this are solely the responsibility of the client.

Will My Pet Nanny LLC dispense medication(s) to my pet ?

We will dispense prescribed medications if instructed to do so by the owner and medications are in their original containers with descriptions and Vet information attached.  My Pet Nanny LLC will not be held liable for health issues related to requested medication administration.  Our Nannie’s have experience administering injections, pills, liquids, and topical solutions.  My Pet Nanny LLC nannie’s are PET CPR and First Aid Trained.  All medications must be prescribed by a licensed Vet and be safe to handle and pet’s must be able to tolerate taking medications without becoming aggressive.  

How are payment arrangements made ?

Online billing is available through the Precise Petcare Scheduling system.  Invoices can be paid by Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Card with Debit Cards being preferred within the Precise Petcare System which will automatically update your invoice.  Some clients leave a check or cash or pay by paypal. Payment is due on the first date of service.  Fee’s associated with bounced checks will be charged back to client’s as My Pet Nanny LLC works to keep fees lower then our competitors.    Client’s whose account is in good standing will receive services at scheduled times.